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A Front End for All Devices

We’re creating unified experiences that are context aware and curated by artificial intelligence across the interplay of mobile, desktop and tv. The future of C2B UX is a new frontier!

Curated Brand Data

Diamonds aren’t the only valuables to have 4 C’s. Brand data needs to be collected, clarified, curated and contextualized for the users’ benefit such that it’s like they’ve hit the easy button!

Web3 User Data

Big tech often wants to centralize and own all your data, and then  give you less valuable ‘free’ services while they profit into the billions.

BlueQueue, as a C2B advocate, envisions a future where you control your data, choose how it’s used and how it’s monetized, if at all.

Smart contracts and artificial intelligence provide the diversification, transparency and security needed to pair with Curated Brand Data to realize C2B advocacy, and rebalance the scales to the benefit of the people.


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ABLE - Design System

We’ve built an expansive initial open source design system that will continue to evolve. We’re offering it for others to use, as well as make contributions that extend it.

Web3 Data Models, AI & Services

As we move forward with the creation of user data models, artificial intelligence and services, the underlying web3 protocols, systems and governance are being mapped out now.


Establishing our Curated Brand Data with Artificial Intelligence to pair with Web3 User Data is our immediate focus. However, we’ve begun longer term planning on the tokenomics of BlueQoin™ as a store of value to share with the BQ community.

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