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The Future is Consumer to Brands™

Brands have their walled gardens with CRM's to track and manage us

What does the consumer have?

The Problem

Brand to Consumers

Walled Gardens

Brands compete with each other, with your spending as the prize. So they try to keep you for themselves as a competitive advantage. You have to use their app, which doesn’t work with any other apps, and the data, it’s mostly theirs too.

Customer Relationship Management

Brands rely on CRM’s to track who you are, what you buy and a whole lot more. They use analytics to find ways you’ll spend more money, and any relationship is on their terms. There hasn’t been a reverse CRM, where Consumers relate to the Brand, until now.

App Fragmentation

In the web 2.0 world there are a few million apps, all incapable of working together, causing fragmentation upon fragmentation.

In the US the average person has ~90 apps on their phone, but only uses around 11 per month. Third party apps can no longer afford to be narrow or single purposed and expect to be useful.

The Solution

Consumer to Brands™

A secure, private, and AI curated experience for all your product and service interactions.


Self-Sovereign Identity

Shop & Find

On your terms

Offers & Deals

Opt in or out

Buy, Own & Sell

Tools you need

Every Event

An easy button

All Your Peeps

Those in your life

Curated Cloud

BlueQueue AI collected retail & manufacturer data

Web 3 User Data

Secure, private and in your control


Walled Gardens

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