The Dawn of
Data Freedom

We believe everyone should be empowered to use, benefit and control their own data.

So what's in the way?

Data Monopolies

Where is your data?

If you’re like most, it’s spread out and behind countless walled gardens and in some of the largest data monopolies.

Do YOU profit from your own data?

We believe you should. Why give up valuable information for access for some simple tools or to share your status with friends.

Do YOU control your own data?

If you’re like us, you haven’t had many options that put you in the driver seat. We’re looking to change that.

So, what's the solution?

C2B Advocacy

Consumer to Brands™ is a BlueQueue initiative that reverses the walled garden customer experience of brands, and gives you control over how your personal data is used.

An Easy Button for You is our design philosophy, creating sophisticated solutions to challenges that make it easier for you and those you care about.

Web3 Democracy is the means by which we want to restore the power of you. This is where brands and data monopolies have held the power for themselves.

1994 - 2004

Web 1.0

Old School

American Online

2005 - 2020

Web 2.0

Big Tech


2021 - ?

Web 3.0

Power Restored

Brave Browser
Board Ape Yacht Club

We Believe

In Shared Power, that democratizing data by decentralizing the internet, often referred to as Web3, will balance the data monopoly scales.

In Meritocracy, those who earn benefit, and in helping the defenseless, what classically has been balanced in the center.

In Data Freedom, that you should be in charge of your data, how it is used and should share in its profit.

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